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The Rolling Rack (Formally known as The SADA Blog)

Editor in Chief - Amber Bembnister  

Amber Bembnister is a Senior at Michigan State University in Apparel & Textile Design. She sits as the Rolling Rack blog Editor in Chief. She has interned at CAWLM magazine as well as Lori Goldstein in NYC.

Creative Director - Ashley Rock 

Ashley Rock is a Retailing senior at Michigan State University.  



the SADA blog Creator: Nicholas Verburgt

2010-2011 Mast Head :
Editor in Chief - Amber Bembnister
Creative Director - Kaylei McGaw
Photographers- Shea Haddad, Amber Bembnister, Kaylei McGaw
Styling Assistants- Ashley Rock, Kerry VanDis

2009-2010 Mast Head:
Editor in Chief - Meredith Gruzska
Creative Director - Nicholas Verburgt
Director of Photography - Natalie Probst
Style Director - Leigh Gervasi