Friday, October 9, 2009

Effortless Luxe By: Paulina Villa


     Donna Karan shows an elegant wearable collection for this upcoming spring 2010. The collection flares with the power of the elements- earth, air, water and fire. The color palette sticks mostly to nudes, grays, whites and other neutral tones, adding unexpected splashes of red.
     The garments portray an airy, refreshed style that can be worn on a everyday basis. Pieces such as draped dresses, sheer and chiffon pencil skirts, one shoulder tunics, nude straps, two piece classic suits, and ruffle hats are perfectly fitted to an urban contemporary atmosphere.
     The spring for 2010 will bring a soft-edged combination of pieces with unique feminine touches. The high waist ribbon in pastel tones and Karan’s signature draped jersey in neutral tones bring both femininity and sophistication to the look. The ruffled hats and flowing cut of her pieces complete the coquette look for the season. (photos by: Marcio Madeira for

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