Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bare Essentials. Photos By: Natalie Probst, Report By: Kelley Hanni

    Be bold this fall and winter by amping up your outfits with this season’s must have accessories. Push your wardrobe further with audacious hardware, metallics, industrial embellishments, and luxe sparkle and shine. When going out at night opt for a shoe with studs. If you are feeling extra adventurous go for snakeskin. This season, it’s all about the peep-toe and sky-high heels. If you’re looking to perk up a pair that you already own, pair them with colored or patterned tights: they always add interest to a simple outfit. When going casual, boots are a must. They are practical, and can be found in all lengths, styles, and material. Suede or a zipper detail is a great alternative, and don’t be intimidated by over the knee or thigh high boots. They come in heels or flats and are adaptable to any outfit.
     The same theme can be seen with bags and jewelry. Look for a bag with a metal or chain strap, or if you want something softer, fringe or lace. These add a touch of charm and ornamentation, working with outfits on all levels, from going out on the weekend or going to class. There is no limitation to size. Go big if you need to carry books, choose stamped leather or a neutral with interesting details. Look for braiding, zippers, buckles, and pockets, because the more variation, the better. For night, go beyond the standard clutch. Select something with a boxy shape and a hard case. Metallic clutches are perfect for the holiday season, and will be sure to catch everyone’s eye.
      Let the jewelry you choose enhance your clothing choices. Necklaces this season tend to be big and bold; boasting jewels, pearls, beading, metal, and ribbon. They are so versatile, and can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans, paired with a cardigan, or added to a dress or embellished top. Another trend in jewelry are large metal cuffs. They range anywhere from molded gold to studded silver, but no matter what, the wider the better. Be careful when selecting jewelry, it is wise to choose one or the other so that you don’t over do it.
            Don’t forget that as it gets colder scarves and gloves are essential, and can be fashionable. Gloves no longer have to be neutral; they come in all colors this winter. Try a pair in a jewel tone, and don’t be afraid to experiment with length. Channel your inner Holly Golightly and pick an elbow length pair. As for scarves this season, they go beyond the ordinary knitted wrap-around. Go for a funnel or tubular scarf, a continuous piece that doesn’t drape down. It could be simple cotton or as extravagant as fur, but no matter what it will keep you warm and in style. This season is all about being confident in how you dress and choosing bold, interesting accessories to complete the perfect outfit.

Photographer: Natalie Probst
Creative Director: Nicholas Verburgt
Style Director: Leigh Gervasi
Production & Style Assistants: Amber Bimbnister, Kelley Hanni Kaylei McGaw, Julie Stamos


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