Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feminine Approach By: Diane Paik

Simple, stunning, and sexy are just a few ways to describe Stella McCartney’s show. The show began with subtle, neutral colored pieces, but then progressed to bright colors by the end. The simplicity of the outfits showed off a woman’s silhouette in the most flattering fashion, and a clear vision of McCartney’s understanding of creating beautiful, effortless pieces without all of the extra nonsense. The collection embodied outfits that could be worn by women on and off the runway, even if the runway may be the aisle of a grocery store. Straying from her usual inspiration from the boys, McCartney took a softer more feminine approach. Great prints mixed with eye-popping color and fitted jackets were the evening’s main looks. From structured tops paired with relaxed silk pants, to dresses overflowing with ruffles, not a single aspect of summer was left out of the collection. (Photos By: Marcio Madeira for

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