Friday, September 11, 2009

Allons y!

Translation of that title: "Let's Go!", and let's! The Student Apparel Design Association here @ Michigan State University is excited to start off its very first official blog.

theSADAblog is going to be a place for anyone and everyone at MSU and the surrounding community to get connected with everything fashion!

From style reports and updates from the ever changing and fast pace fashion world, to fresh faces and looks from the streets of MSU campus, East Lansing and Downtown; theSADAblog is here to bring it to you.

SADA is a diverse group of students and MSU, that have come together as designers, models, photographers and stylist to celebrate their love for fashion. SADA welcomes anyone and everyone to join!

Visit SADA on facebook for details about meetings, events and upcoming fashion shows. Just search SADA on facebook and add us as a friend, cause who doesn't want more friends!

Also you can email SADA directly at for questions concerning anything including: press releases, philanthropy coalitions, community events and partnerships etc. SADA is looking to expand itself into the MSU and East Lansing/Lansing community like never before.

So check daily for updates about everything FASHION on theSADAblog.

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  1. :) love it. i will add you to my list of reads <3