Sunday, September 13, 2009

Downtown Dancers

Despite a rough and hectic start, leaving some editors without a seat, Charlotte Ronson delivered a chic updated version of the classic tale on dancewear as street wear.

Body suits, sheer knee hitting tights, and a cool mix of soft and hard brought together a small but light and fun collection. Contrasting soft pinks and nudes with harsh greys and blacks on sheer fabrics will be filling the closets of any 20 something downtown hipster next spring as Ronson has hit the nail on the head with what girls want to wear when the weather warms up agian.

Being able to combine comfort with a fashion forward look hasn't always been Ronson's forte, usually relying a quick trends her designs don't always catch the eye, but this season she and her models definatly moved forwards to a classic mature downtown dancer look.

photos provided by: Marcio Madeira for

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